Deutschland in German Means the Land of Fantasy Towns and Giant Beers

It’s hard to believe how many places in Germany we actually went to – in order to keep this blog post from turning into a novel, I’ll keep it short.

We are on route to Austria currently. It is the place I’m looking most forward to visiting and I’m watching the mountains grow in my window. It’s getting me more and more excited.

From Holland, we made our way into Germany and visited the Cologne Cathedral, an iconic gothic cathedral. It was insanely beautiful with history surviving World War II, making me appreciate it so much more. I have decided that man made beauty can hold so much meaning when you realize what stories it tells, what is has survived through, and what it means to certain groups of people. Wow, my architecture professor made his way into my blog.

After a quick coffee we hopped back on the bus further down the county and took a ride on the Rhine River, saw our fair share of castles, and took a quick break before going to our next location

We made it to Heidelberg and saw another beautiful castle before returning to our hotel for the night. It’s still hard for me to believe this is all in the same day. We ate some of the best German food that evening, found an amazing gelato place walking back to the hotel, and prepared to make our way to our next cities in the morning. Here is a view from the Heidelberg Castle –

In the morning we made our way to Rothenburg, the most amazing fantasyland town I have ever seen. Epcot got its inspiration from this place, I’m sure.

We bought some cheap Birkenstocks in the area, stuffed our faces with more amazing German food, then got back on the bus and jetted over to Munich.

I have to say Munich really grew on me. That evening we went to the English gardens, went to a beer garden to eat amazing food and listened to the oompa band, and drank a beer that was literally bigger than my head

I loved how people could swim in the river running through the park, lay out on the grass, play music, and even surf in one area of the river. It was so relaxed and I wanted to spend my whole evening there. I dipped my feet into the cold river water then made my way back to the hotel to do laundry and get some sleep. The next day was uneventful, as we spent the majority of the day shopping. In the evening we went as a whole group to eat authentic Bavarian food and prepare for our drive to Austria today.

You made it through my long Germany post, congrats! I’d spill all the exciting things I’m going to do in Austria, but I’d be spoiling all the fun.

The mountains are calling me, I must go



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