What do Tulips, Cheese, and Ice Bars all Have in Common?

At this leg of the trip, things are getting fast and furious and this post may be as well, as I’m trying to catch up on all that we’ve done – after two short days in Paris, we motored over to Belgium for a quick hour lunch then made our way to Amsterdam.

It was a long twelve hour bus ride but I can definitely say that time spent in the Netherlands was amazing and is one of my favorite places to far.

Day one we had a free evening and went to one of the most popular bars in Amsterdam, the Ice Bar. Like it sounds, everything was ice- the bar, the walls, and the cups. Before we went in they played a video kinda setting the scene and then sent us in with jackets and gloves. It was cold and we only lasted about ten minutes before we left

It was really cool though

See what I did there? Sorry, moving on.

The next day we left in the morning to go on a cheese tour and see how they make wooden shoes. I even got to try on a pair

After our tour we left for the Dutch countryside for a biking tour. This is one of my favorite activities so far, I loved being able to bike through the quiet town, see the rolling pastures, and end by the ocean.

The evening was spent eating authentic Indonesian food, taking a river boat tour, walking around the city, and of course we took a photo with the infamous “I am Amsterdam” sign. A perfect trip to The Netherlands, if I do say so myself.

The traveling is not slowing down by any means, as I am currently in Germany writing this. We are making our way to Munich this evening and as always, I will let y’all know about all I’ve seen so far.

Auf wiedersehen!



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