Row Row Row Your Boat, Gently Down Champs Élysées

After traveling for almost 12 hours by bus and ferry, we finally made it to Paris. The first night consisted of just dinner and heading back to the hotel early for some much needed shut eye – it seems I need a lot of that on this trip.

I will take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this restaurant though

Beautiful art nouveau design. And the food was just as wonderful.

Day 2 we woke up in the morning to go to the Fragonard perfume museum, which ended up being very interesting and took a big chunk out of my wallet. Mom, if you’re reading this, know that I at least bought you some really nice perfume from Paris!!

We then, smelling very nice at this point, went on a tour of the city with the funniest tour guide from England. At one point she was telling us that she moved to France thirty five years ago when she married her French husband and said, “I came for the man but stayed for the food.” Among many other funny things. We got this picture of me and the Eiffel Tower, which might be one of my favorites ever taken of me. Definitely shows my love of Paris.

After our tour we visited Notre Dame, went to the Concergerie (where Marie Antoinette spent two months in jail before she took a trip to the good ole guillotine), and Saint Chapelle. Can we just take a moment..

These floor to ceiling stained glass windows always get me. They’re insanely beautiful.

At this point the day took an interesting turn, as things usually do. We saw rain in the forecast but thought we could deal with it. We planned on going to Champs Èlysèes and go shopping but on our way out of the subway, we passed masses of people in the hallways at the exit. We soon realized they were soaked. It was pouring down rain and pieces of hail were bouncing down the steps of the metro. After waiting it out for about 15 minutes and seeing and hearing lighting strike not even a mile away, saw the rain start to pour even harder, and then saw the lights go out in the metro, we decided to just head back to the hotel.

Later that night, we took an interesting river boat tour. 40 ags on a river boat, each of us having a bottle of wine, and enjoying everything that entails made for some awesome memories.

Some of them I can’t remember.

The next day we left for the Palace of Versailles, stood in line for almost 2 hours to get in, and took a tour of one of the most extravagant places I’ve ever seen. My favorite part of the whole place was probably the gardens though. I hadn’t spent much time touring around them before and really enjoyed the beauty and serenity of them (and the lack of flocking tourists).

For our last evening in Paris, we walked around the Champs Èlysèes and shopped, bought some delicious macarons from the Lauderee, gazed upon all the beautiful people there, and said au revoir to the City of Lights.

Tomorrow we leave for Brussels, Belgium and then in the evening arrive in Amsterdam, two new places I’ve never been to before!

I’m very excited for a new day and new places with these now familiar and friendly faces.



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