Weekend in Spain 

Believe it or not, I actually spent this last weekend in Spain. I travelled with CIEE to a couple places in Southern Catalonia and am always blown away by how beautiful Spain is.

We first went to Codorniu vineyards to taste test cava, which is specific to Spain and is somewhat like champagne. We ended up going underground on our tour and took a train through 17 miles of cellars. That’s a lot of cava. But it was so beautiful there and actually CHILLY. I wore my sweater all day.

Just showing my appreciation for cava


Cellars built back around the 1920’s. You’re looking at just a small portion of the 17 miles of cellars underground!

Next we left for Monserrat. Sounds familiar, right? I went there during my first week here in Spain. It all felt really familiar and not much had really changed; it was still insanely beautiful. After a couple hours in Monserrat, we left for Tarragona.

Just a little history of Tarragona; when the Roman Empire first made its way into Spain, its first “capital” and settlement was in Tarragona. Here’s a layout of the city during the Roman Empire

The first day in Tarragona we got in around the afternoon and that evening saw a firework show on the beach. It was pretty cool but around the end of the show one of the palm trees caught fire and that really was the highlight of the show.

And here’s the video of the poor palm tree

The next day we took a tour of the Roman city of Tarragona and got to see all of the ruins. In case you didn’t know, Tarragona has some of the most well preserved Roman ruins in all of Europe. Some are even considered to be more well preserved than Rome. I wish we had more time here because it seemed like an amazing city and it really wasn’t a super crowded or touristy place.

The view of the ocean here was pretty neat too

Next we left Tarragona to go back to one of my favorite places in Spain, Sitges.

We didn’t have a lot of time there but for lunch we did eat at Big Al’s American Grille. I know, super authentic. You have to know that at this point in my study abroad journey, I´m getting a bit homesick. The American food was actually really good and made me feel a lot closer to home.

It´s crazy to think that in almost three weeks I´ll be coming back home. My friend from Texas A&M will be here the 18th of July and we take on Europe in a backpacking adventure and then I´ll be back in the States before I know it. I have mixed feelings about it; I´m very ready to be home but I also feel sad that I won´t be on this amazing adventure anymore.

But enough sad soppiness, after I returned from my weekend adventures on Saturday, me and my host mom spent Sunday tearing up the city of Barcelona; we ate lunch at her daughter´s restaurant and had the best food I´ve had in Barcelona so far, went to the Port, went shopping in the mall there, walked up Las Ramblas, and then went back home after a long day. I tracked my mileage and we walked almost 30,000 steps that day. Although the weekend felt more quiet than what I´ve been used to, it was still filled with a lot of activity. During the week me and my classmates for “Catalonia and Spain Through the Arts” go to various places around Barcelona on field trips and so I feel like I´m always on the move. This weekend will be my last weekend trip ever for study abroad. I won´t spend too much time talking about it because it makes me sad. That sad story is for another post.

I can´t wait for this weekend; like all the trips I´ve had so far, it will be one to remember forever. See you then!



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