Sevilla and days before


First of all a LOT of things have happened over the last few days (or was it weeks since I’ve written…)

To be honest, the last few days I have not been in the right mindset to write and tell stories; I’ve read about it with authors too that when they aren’t in a good place to write, they just can’t. But no pasa nada folks, most of what I’m describing is a combination of long days, a fast language program, being in a situation where speaking my native language is unhelpful, and feeling like somewhat of a foreigner now and again; all of which is normal and exactly what I signed up for.

Today, me and my friends went to the Sagrada Familia; it was beautiful as always. I will suggest that if any of you decide to go, around sunset is the best time to go; we went tonight around 6pm and the sun was hitting the stained glass just right to create that “sun coming from the trees” look.


Last weekend, my friends and I travelled south to the BEAUTIFUL Seville, Spain. I fell in love. It was one of the most “Spanish” places I’ve seen so far and was so much different than the Spain I currently live in (the main reason for this being the Catalonian culture in Barcelona). But we were able to stay in the cutest apartment for 2 nights for only 50 euros, had many laughs, and somehow managed to cook our own breakfast and dinner and whole time we were there. The first day we went to the Plaza España and were able to find the “Barcelona” bench to take photos,


then traveled all through the park surrounding the area. We also got lost, which was great because we were able to see some of the most beautiful streets trying to find out how to get back to our apartment. I think we all made the comment at least once (or maybe a billion times) that it was so nice to get away from the big city. This is probably going to sound a bit stingy of me, but what I didn’t realize going into this was just how BIG Barcelona is and how touristy it can get; what Seville made me realize is that living in a big city is not all that it’s cracked up to be. It was very nice to get away from all of the hustle and bustle and just relax. The only problem was that it was HOT, much much hotter than Barcelona and not really something I would want to deal with all the time. One day we took a break from the midday heat for a siesta in our apartment before going out when it was a little cooler.

The second day we ended up traveling around the Macarena district and also got to watch an authentic Flamenco show. The next day we had a flight that left at 6:35AM so we did not get much sleep that night (1 hour to be exact). Because we thought that we would need to get to the airport very early to deal with security we woke up at 2:30, left for the airport at 3, and arrived at the airport at 3:35 to discover that we couldn’t get into the airport until 5AM because it was closed…that was the start to a very long day.

But despite it all, what I learned from my little Seville trip was that these girls I have met here are now truly some of my very best friends; what a blessing it has been to meet and be able to travel around Europe with them.

Since Seville, I have also made it to the Catedral Santa Maria del Mar (which is beautiful and very historic in Barcelona)

But mostly since my last entry I have been doing my regular routine; I wake up, speak spanish, walk A LOT, go to class to speak more spanish, eat, hang out with my friends, go on little adventures when I can, come home and speak more spanish, then go to sleep to do it all over again. This weekend I am going on a trip with my school to Girona, which is a region in the north of Spain where there are beautiful beaches and towns and has places where they filmed Game of Thrones. It’ll be exciting! I am again ready to take a break from the big city and go out and see new places. I will do my best to post promptly this time around..




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