Light Hike or Raiders of the Lost Ark?

Well it would seem that the last few days I have had a bit of a writers block; there have been good and bad days this week, but I am adjusting to everything mas o menos

One of our first activities with the other CIEE staff and students was a “light hike” that they assured us would be pretty flat and not too hard. 

Well this hike would infact not be an easy hike – we walked for almost twenty minutes to the metro stop, walked another twenty minutes through a hilly neighborhood, and then a steep hike on a tiny dirt path through bushes on the side of a mountain (all up hill) before we made it to the flat part of the hike. We were all out of breath and struggling hardcore while our Spanish CIEE leaders looked like they were taking a walk in the park. We made a stop for water before they told us that we hadn’t even made it to the HARDEST part of the hike before we made it to the restaurant. They weren’t kidding either – for the next five or ten minutes we walked up a hill so steep we were practically on our tip toes to make it up. Needless to say the food was great after our Indiana Jones worthy adventure. The views made up for it though

Since classes have started, I was moved out of advanced Spanish to intermediate Spanish… I told y’all my Spanish wasn’t up to par for this “advanced” business. Anyways, it’s a much better fit and I feel like I’ll learn better this way. They all assured me that they have the best interest for me and want me to be happy and comfortable in my classes and I am thankful for that. 

Over the next few days, I have gotten lost, had emotional moments trying to find my friends during our meet ups, had to buy a new phone so I could communicate with others, gone out and seen the city at night, seen a completely naked old man on the beach, had long and drawn out conversations with Rosa when I don’t totally understand what’s going on, attempted to improve my horrible Spanish, and more.. 

I’m currently on a train with my friends in route to Sitges, a beautiful coastal city about an hour away from Barcelona. It’s these adventures I enjoy the most. The people I have met make this experience great. 


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