Parc Montjüic, the Spanish Epcot, and the Gothic Quarter 

Today we went on our first tour of the trip; our guide picked us up in the morning took us to a park on top on a hill looking over Barcelona and to Parc Montjüic. We started at a high point of the hill and found out that we had to go to a higher point of the hill, which was the steepest  hill I’ve ever walked. We got our excercise in for literally the whole trip. Our guide also told us about three flags that are seen in Barcelona; the official flag of Catalonia which is red and yellow stripes, and Catalonia flag with the cross of Saint George, and the Catalonian Independence flag which has a blue triangle with a white star on top of the yellow and red stripes. You see these independence flags flown everywhere and I mistakenly thought it was just the Catalonian flag and bought one in one of the stores yesterday. 

Apparently I’m supporting Catalonian independence…

 Since the independence flag is seen as somewhat controversial depending on who you talk to in Barcelona I’m now on the lookout for a Spain flag and official Catalonian flag for purchase to cover all my bases. 

We then went to Poble Espanyol, or “Spanish Village” which strongly resembles Disney’s Epcot; in different areas of this park, there are buildings, shops, and food that resembles different areas of Spain to observe the different cultures. It was very interesting and gave us a chance to see what the different areas of Spain look like. 

Next we drove past the beaches and went to the Gothic Quarter – this area is beautiful and showed me probably my favorite area of Barcelona so far with the more “ancient” culture of Spain. 

At the end of the tour, we were told “OKAY, here is the end of your tour, I’ll see you tomorrow!” 

But we left our bag with all our money, phones, and maps in the car with our driver for the day

The driver was already in a completely different part of town and doing different jobs and we had to wait almost 2 hours for him to finish and drive back to our hotel to give us back our stuff. 

Never a dull moment 

Here’s a video of some of the highlights of today! 


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